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Did you know that with the introduction of several new legislations that directly impact the nature of Strata Schemes Management, it is vital to engage in an Agent that is not only knowledgeable to industry changes, but adapts to it. Metro Strata Management is one such agent. We are confident that our appointment will be life-long and dedicated to providing you with the highest standards of Professionalism, Administration and Integrity.


Listed here are our standard duties that are included in the fees. At Metro Strata you have a peace of mind that we don't say it unless we do it, that is our guarantee.

Repairs & Maintenace

We know that its important that you have your repairs actioned in a timely manner, at the right cost and completed to the highest quality. 


We arrange for appropriately qualified contractors to undertake routine repairs to and maintenance of the common property and/or specified owners corporation property provided that any foreseeable expenditure incurred by the agent on such matters without obtaining the approval of the owners corporation does not exceed $500. We always obtain 2 quotations for major expenditure or as requested by Owners Corporation or its Executive Committee.


Unlike other Strata Managers, Metro Strata will allow you to select your own contractors for repairs and maintenance if you wish to do so (pending appropriate licenses and insurances are provided). 



Metro Strata will help you select your insurance and prepare and lodge routine insurance claims. We:


1.    Obtain at least 3 quotes for insurance renewal to ensure you get the best price by comparing possible policies,
2.    Submit quotes to executive committee and renew insurances (according to instructions), saving you time,

3.    Arrange insurance valuation as required.



Metro Strata are strata accounting experts. We ensure that your strata is financially secure by:


1.    Establishing and maintaining the trust account
2.    Issuing levy notices and bank monies received
3.    Monitoring and arranging for recovery of levy arrears
4.    Paying invoices on behalf of owners corporation (e.g. for water charges and maintenance)
5.    Paying disbursements and expenses incurred in connection with agent's management of strata scheme
6.    Preparing statutory reconciled accounts including balance sheet, statement of income and expenditure and levy status report
7.    Assisting auditors in providing accounts and records for audit
8.    Preparing administrative fund budget and arrange for sinking fund budget
9.    Managing administrative fund and sinking fund.



We will provide 2 meetings a year for free, with the flexibility to meet your schedule. We are able to meet during or after business hours and on weekends. Unlike other Strata Managers, we provide this at no extra charge. To take the hassle out of your meetings we:


1.    Prepare and distribute notices of Annual General Meetings and concurrent executive committee meetings
2.    Attend Annual General Meetings and concurrent executive committee meeting
3.    Prepare and distribute minutes of Annual General Meetings and concurrent executive committee meeting
4.    For the convenience of owners, venue for meetings can be arranged on site/after hours and/or weekends.



We will cover all secretarial needs by:


1.    Maintaining strata roll and minute book
2.    Maintaining correspondence file
3.    Recording and retain notices under sections 118, 119 and 120 of the Act
4.    Issuing minutes of delegated performance
5.    Maintaining common seal
6.    Attending to routine written and oral communication
7.    Maintaining common property keys and distribution records
8.    Authorising payment of invoices.




Relating to by-laws we are able to:


1.    Answer queries from the executive committee about by-laws
2.    Enforce strata schemes by-laws in the form of up to 2 written communications to the breaching party.

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