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Annual Fire Safety Statement | Metro Strata

Metro Strata

Jul 11, 2023

Fire safety is too important to take short cuts; you can never predict when you'll need the fire protection systems in your strata building.

Ensuring fire safety is not an area where corners should be cut; unforeseen circumstances may necessitate the use of fire prevention systems within your premises. Fires can pose grave dangers to residents and cause significant damage to both communal and personal properties.

At Metro Strata, our philosophy is rooted in proactively overseeing the upkeep of fire systems in the buildings under our management. In order to do this, we engage the services of a certified fire safety professional who takes charge of the fire safety protocols implemented in the shared spaces of the Strata Scheme as well as in individual residences. Regular inspections and maintenance of these measures are carried out in accordance with set standards.

Many buildings are legally obligated to file an Annual Fire Safety Statement with the local council and display the document on the Strata notice board as part of ongoing maintenance. This statement essentially serves as a certification from the fire contractor for the Strata Scheme, verifying that the fire safety measures in place meet the requisite standards. The related clause can be found in Regulation 175 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (NSW).

An annual fire safety statement is a declaration issued by or on behalf of the building owner stating that:

a. a properly qualified individual has assessed each essential fire safety measure specified in the statement and found it to be capable of performing:

i. in accordance with the standard outlined in the fire safety schedule, or ii. in a manner no less efficient than the standard to which the measure was initially designed and implemented, and

b. the building has been inspected by a suitably qualified individual and was found to be in a satisfactory condition when inspected

It's crucial to remember that only the designated fire contractor should complete and sign the Annual Fire Safety Statement. As they do not possess the necessary qualifications, members of the owner's corporation, the strata committee members, and Strata Managers should not attest to the functionality of the fire safety measures. As Strata Managers, we are not able to ensure that the fire services have been maintained, tested, and met the necessary requirements since this falls outside our area of expertise.

For any additional queries regarding fire safety or the annual fire safety statement, your Strata Manager at Metro Strata is ready and willing to assist."

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