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Abandoned Goods and Vehicles | Metro Strata

Metro Strata

Jul 7, 2023

Efficient Management of Litter and Discarded Items in Shared Spaces: A Guide to Maintaining Safety and Aesthetics

Neglected trash and discarded items on shared property can be more than just an unattractive sight; they pose health and safety concerns. Clutter impedes everyday movement around the complex and may even cause accidents. While most owners and residents maintain shared spaces, occasional instances may occur. Here's how to tackle the problem efficiently and responsibly.

Minor trash like a snack wrapper or banana peel was likely dropped inadvertently or carried by the wind. In these instances, it is best to dispose of it correctly, preventing potential trips or falls. Ensure communal bins are securely closed to prevent trash overflow.

If you notice an individual—owner, tenant, or guest—deliberately littering, we suggest a discreet conversation with the person involved. If the behavior persists, it's advisable to report the issue to your Managing Agent.

When it comes to abandoned items, the owner's corporation can remove them after leaving a weatherproof A4-sized disposal notice on or near them, providing a five-day warning. This notice should detail a description of the items, the date and time it was issued, the planned disposal date and time, and the contact details of the strata managing agent or representative.

After five days, the owner's corporation can sell or discard the items. Sale proceeds should be deposited into the scheme's administrative fund, with records maintained for 12 months.

As a general rule, refrain from leaving personal items in common areas to avoid potential health risks and misinterpretation as abandoned items.

For obstructive motor vehicles on shared property, the same procedure applies. If the vehicle isn't moved within five days of notice, the owner's corporation has the right to remove it. The owner's corporation then legally owns the vehicle and can apply to the Tribunal to recover any associated costs.

Contact your Strata Managing Agent at Metro Strata for further guidance on managing litter and discarded items.

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